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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Videos Do We Work On?

We edit online videos such as Facebook advertisements, IG videos, or videos for different social media platforms, YouTube videos such as vlogs, live events, highlight videos, wedding highlight videos. We also work on commercials, real estate videos, speeches and online courses.

  • Each package has a different total video length. The $159 option limits videos to 15 minutes with a total of 35 mins of raw footage. The $299 options limits videos to a total length of 20 minutes with a total of 45 mins of raw footage. The unlimited option limits videos to a 30 minute run time with 60 minutes of raw footage. 

  • Any voice over work is an extra fee that must be agreed upon by KKO and you!

  • Any 2D animations is an extra fee that must be agreed upon by KKO and you!

  • Any subtitles will need to be submitted by you to us.

How Fast Do You Work?
  • If you purchased the $159 package, the turnaround time is 72 hours from when the confirmation email has been sent. 24 hours required for edits. 

  • 48 hour turnaround time for 4-Timer and Unlimited packaged from when the confirmation email has been sent. 24 hours required for edits.

How Much is "Unlimited" Really?

​Naturally, unlimited can't mean unlimited, really. After all, we are human. But let's be realistic, if you'd like 8-15 videos edited in 1 month, our service can work with that. Now, our editors are one of a kind, super quick, but if you submit all 15 videos at once, which is totally cool, we begin a queue and start at video #1 and work our way down. Each video will still take 48 hours to edit. simple as that.

How To Upload the Footage to Send to Us?

So, you do need a Dropbox account. There are many options to choose and there are some free options as well. You'll upload your footage on your Dropbox account and then share it with us Make 1 folder called "RAW FOOTAGE" and dump all of your footage in that folder. Inside that folder, name each folder according to what that folder is. If it is b-roll, name the folder "B-ROLL". Do your best to have sound already synched up. If not, make sure you clap before each take so it is easy enough for us to synch. In a second folder, upload your request: your style, how you want your video to looks and feel. It can be a Word doc, Google doc or even a PDF.

The Process

After you subscribe and make your payment, we will send you an email that will confirm your subscription. From there, you will upload your files to Dropbox and be sure to email to establish that your videos are uploaded. Once we send an email stating we've received your videos and confirm how many assets you uploaded, the 48 hours begins. Your dedicated editor will edit your video and place it right back in your Dropbox account. From there, you state if you like it or love it or if it needs revision. 


You will be able to communicate directly with your editor. will be CC'd on every email that goes out. We'll be able to speak between our work hours (work hours). You can also make revisions on the Dropbox video as well and it'll be timestamped. 

Color Grading

We do offer color grading and correction, we can tone your footage, fix basic white balance issues, slight exposure issues and more. We will not go into visual effects, masking or complex gradings. Your videos will look sleek, though!

Stock Footage & Audio

B-Roll and music can be added from our royalty free catalogue, all you have to do is request it. It i included in all of our plans.

How do You Know The Editor Can Do What I Need?

Our editors have edited for creators around the world, accruing millions and millions of views. We've provided post production services for all of our clients which you can see here or here. Our editors are experienced and passionate. Our goal is to create high quality videos that represent and elevate you, your style and your brand. Utilize our revisions so we get it all the way correct! We're ready to take on any challenge!

Los Angeles, CA | Contact: 818-478-7143 | Video Editing Services | Price, Plans, Terms & Conditions

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