Kelby KO Productions is a one-stop video production company for digital and theatrical mediums. Our company creates vibrant visuals from pre to post productions and offers photography services. Since 2012, they’ve built their name by working with Time Warner Cable, Coachella, The Lucent Dossier Experience, actor Jonathan Chase, Coach Art, Activision, and Toyota.
Our team is young, creative, and passionate about the work. We believe strongly that providing quality doesn't require outrageous fees. With that mindset, every project is approached collaboratively, vibrantly and in an engaging form. Whether it is a brand video for your business, a web series or our original content, our teamwork style makes us a wanted and appreciated company.
Our results are transformational, specific and are shaped to your very liking. From the moment you send that first email or make that call, you'll be sure to choose KKO for your video production every single time.

Kelby Joseph - President/Producer/Director

A 2012 graduate of AMDA Los Angeles with a BFA in acting, Kelby has produced short films, commercials, spotlights, live events and a feature film entitled Waivers and a television pilot and more. He's worked with Jonathan Chase, Time Warner Cable, Coachella, Deon Richmond, Camille Mana, Bill Lawrence on Surviving Jack and many other industry titans. He brings precision and detail to every product.

Alicia Raye Washington - Production Manager/Director

She is a founding member of KKO productions. She is extremely efficient and will be the one who guides you from the beginning til the very end. She has experience directing, writing and producing.

Chris Saballos - Video Editor

Chris is a video editor that has no kryptonite. He's edited music videos, commercials and films. He also has experience on set as a camera operator, 2nd assistant director and as cinematographer.

Mike McConaghy

Our resident post production sound mixer and creator of original music! He is the best to do it! Click his picture to see his site!

Jesus Avila

A KO partner who brings his knowledge of finance to KO productions.

Chuck Rockford

He is one our favorite production sound mixers :-)

Konstantin Frolov is KKO’s multi award winning senior cinematographer and camera operator. His experience is vast and ranges from work with GOOD’s Teyana Taylor (https://youtu.be/_kEmzZeYrEI), music videos and commercials, Q13: Zhalgyzym (TV Movie), The Demo (Feature Film), Nothing Can Stop us (Feature Documentary), Yumna (Short film), The Millionaires (TV Series), Crime Cleaners (TV Series. He’s collaborated with artists such as Domingo Zapata, Musicians such as Orgy, Ookay, Florian Picasso, YouTube artists such as Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Simon Rex, Inanna Sarkis, Hanna Stocking, Dom Zeglaitis, Big Nik with close to 60 Million total views on videos that they’ve created together. He will lead the team of camera operators and gaffers to retrieve the optimal cinematic image we seek for “Stoop Music”.

Konstantin’s work: http://www.kostyafrolov.com/

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